May Challenge: Story A Day and Some (Part 2)

Story 3 – Community Service (Science Fiction)

Now for this one I cheated. I’m not proud of it but this is the truth.

I try on the first pass to get one prompt from each generator…just to test things out. I know I’m supposed to use the first prompt I get, but the adventure game generator has never worked for me. On my good days, it offers a novel-length work in synopsis. On my bad, like today, it stymies me entirely. (

I got the prompt last night before bed (so at 12:20 am), and couldn’t even manage to read through the whole thing. Then, this morning, I read through everything only to remember that it provides not just prompts but full plot concepts. And not just one of them but several. In the last few years, I bullied my way through to something, but this year I didn’t have the will. So…when nothing much would coalesce into anything useful, I chucked the prompt and skipped to the next generator. Before breakfast was over, I had the beginning to a very odd little story that hits most of the concepts of the prompt and ignores some of the big ones, but it was a fun write.

The prompt I did use was:, another that has given me novels, but some short stories as well, like Community Service.

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