Life, the Universe, and Con Shirt

My writing life is a little in flux right now as I reprioritize and figure out where the heart is in writing for me. I’ve gotten so scattered that I can achieve great progress and no forward motion. I’m still working through the details, but I’ve set my focus for this year on getting Shadows of the Sun (Kyrnie) to final version and out the door.

You might wonder then why the only editing progress I have to report is on Con Shirt, but I’ve got the whole year for Kyrnie :). Actually, I realized that my process is better if I do an immediate first pass edit…at which point I was writing so much that I managed to fall three novels behind. I’m only 10k into Con Shirt (which is approximately 76k at this point, then I have a 54k YA romance (my NaNo) to edit. At this point I’ll probably finish Con Shirt and send it to those who are waiting, then start on Kyrnie.

The Kyrnie edit is going to be a big one. What that means is I’ll probably need to take mental health breaks on other novels, but once I get started, my plan is to juggernaut my way through. I may not even participate in March Madness this year, though that’s still up in the air. I’ll have to see once I get started how tight my focus needs to be.

So if you were curious, that’s what’s been happening in this dead time. Contemplation and an attempt to understand my own mind…a scary prospect.

I took Holly Lisle’s How to Beat Writer’s Block audio course because I’d told her I would and also because I’ve been wondering what’s been happening with my muse. Though the above was sort of in the works before then, taking the course really made things more concrete. It’s designed for when you’re stuck on a specific work, but at the same time is flexible enough to prompt me, who was just stuck. The scariest part was the question: When was the last time writing was fun? It’s scary because writing (the physical act of creation) is always fun. But I’d started to use it as an escape from the other aspects, which are supposed to be fun as well.

Anyway, I’m rambling. You can tell I haven’t quite settled all this in my mind. I’m a bit spacey and unfocused as I try to move forward like a crab, going sideways and not quite sure of what’s out there. When I get it all figured out, you may see a burst of productivity. Or maybe just a tight, focused beam of it ;).

Status on Con Shirt:

Edited Today: 1,591 words
6 Chapters complete – 14% of the novel
31 Chapters remain
65,264 Remaining word count
10,673 Current Total
76,567 Predicted Total

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