Life and Law (The Steamship Chronicles, Book Four) Is Now in Trade Paperback

Life and Law, the latest in my steampunk adventure series, is out in trade paperback at all the usual spots and can be ordered in your favorite bookstore as well. This novel begins the second volume of the Chronicles, leaving Sam and Nat in peace for a bit while Henry and Lily try to figure out what happened to Sam and how they can ensure her safety once found.

While the eBook was released early September, a combination of life and writing events delayed the paperback longer than I’d expected. However, it does give me the opportunity to share with you a detailed and enthusiastic review, which gives a good sense of the book:

Also, though you saw an earlier version of the cover, here is the final print layout. Click to see a larger picture.

Life and Law final print cover

Short Description

Faced with Sam’s disappearance and Lily’s failing health, Henry takes on Parliament and the Natural laws to bring Sam home and reunite his chosen family.

To learn more, check out the book page or go to your preferred store.