Life and Law (The Steamship Chronicles, Book 4) Is Live in eBook

Life and Law (The Steamship Chronicles, Book 4)The first three books of The Steamship Chronicles (which form Volume 1) focus on Sam’s attempt to find a place where she can be accepted and Nat’s efforts to carve out a living as a sailor despite his noble blood. You have all read the first three books, right?

Well, with Book 4, the story takes a bit of a sidestep back to the lives of those Sam left behind. While the second volume (which will be 3 books as well) can stand on its own, if you haven’t read Secrets, it offers some background for what Henry and Lily face in Life and Law. Secrets is free in eBook at all vendors, FYI.

Henry was raised to believe in duty toward those in need regardless of social standing. He was taught to honor his convictions whether openly or through secret aid. He’s been undertaking just that with keeping Sam safe when he’d once thought like the rest of England, believing Naturals little different from rabid dogs to be put down for the safety of all.

Now, with Sam no longer under his roof, he can take a public stand for all Naturals in England, tearing down a law with no foundation in precedence or reason. Though noble, his motives are also personal.

His wife did not recover with the release from caring for her fugitive sister as he’d hoped, nor do they know Sam is safe on the Continent. Once the law is cast aside, he can search for Sam openly and bring her home, the only way he believes Lily will recover.

What should be a simple, moral, appeal to Parliament when the Natural laws break all tradition is more complex than Henry could have imagined. He’s set against prejudice, fear, and more Henry struggles to comprehend.

This, along with the events that occur on the estate with him in London, form the foundation for Volume 2. Like the first volume, the second tells of an adventure, though it’s a different sort in part because Henry’s aims are more than just for his own safety.

I hope you’ll enjoy this crusade for the health and happiness of all Naturals in England and those who love them. It will take our heroes far from the shores of their home before Volume 2 is complete. If you’ve read Safe Haven, you’ll get to visit with some old friends as well as some brand new companions.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your copy of Life and Law at all the usual retailers or using the links below. If you’re so inclined, drop me a note or write a review telling me what you think of their adventures so far.

To learn more, check out the book page, the excerpt, and some thoughts about what drives Henry.