Life and Law Excerpt: Kitten

Did you know Life and Law is my first novel-length work to have its very own kitten? Here’s a glimpse of the introduction:

All of a sudden, Lily felt Sam’s presence all around her.Her sister might be gone, but the life she’d led left many lingering memories. She’d had an impact on every single person who lived on the estate. How could its walls feel empty when Sam’s energy had tucked itself into every nook and cranny much like her sister had tucked mechanicals wherever a hiding spot could be found?A noise broke through Lily’s thoughts.At first she glanced toward the door, thinking Kate had returned with the tea, but no, the sound came from near the back wall, beneath the tall windows that gave the conservatory its purpose.It came again, a faint scritching noise like the sound of a metal rod drawn across a slate, sharp and harsh to the ear.Lily stood, ignoring the trousers that fell to the floor as she searched the room for a better direction.What else but an overlooked mechanical could have made such a sound? No wonder she felt Sam’s energy in the air.As though charged by the same force, Lily crossed the room and dropped to her knees to push pots to one side or another. If she couldn’t have her sister, at least she could treasure what Sam had left behind.The noise stilled.The mechanical must have noticed her.Lily moved one last pot to the side and found a pair of bright green eyes.Before she could do more than draw in a gasp, the tiny creature had spun and threatened to dive back out through the hole it had dug in the conservatory wall.She grabbed without thinking, her fingers closing around a squirming furry body.The kitten hissed and slashed, but Lily had it trapped as she brought the little creature up to where she could see it.“Hello, there, little one. Here I thought you a creature of metal and magic, but you’re just a fur ball.”
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