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    • Writing – where I discuss the process I’ve taken with various projects, what was difficult, what struck me as I worked, and what amused or inspired me. The posts are separated into novels or topics. Be forewarned that some of the posts may include spoilers.
    • Interesting Links – these links are culled from my market research, story research, and random links I found interesting.
    • Reviews – though I don’t always succeed, I try to write a review of pretty much everything I read, looking at it from a pure enjoyment standpoint, though I will occasionally mention writing techniques I notice. I only post books I enjoy as tastes vary.
    • Stray Thoughts – this includes anything from philosophical, sociological, or political arguments (though I largely avoid the last) to amusing glimpses into the not-quite-mellow aspects of my life.
    • Positive Reminders – this aspect started with the Things That Make Me Smile posts, a combination of pictures, videos, and positive moments. I intend to keep this aspect of my blog, but may vary the methods periodically.
    • Challenges – Whether a writing, thinking, drawing, or other exercise, these challenges encourage you to experiment creatively.

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