Just What Am I up to?

“Thank you, everyone, for your kind welcome. I’ve struggled with this fact for several years now, and finally have to admit. I have a NaNo addiction.”


“Yes. You’re right. It does feel better getting it all out. I can give myself excuses, point to the benefits of getting an extra novel written each year, of practicing writing to a deadline, of darn well having fun, but none of that changes the facts.

Every year, right around this time, whether or not I’ve committed to doing NaNo–and often when I’ve adamantly said it’s not in the cards–I suddenly drop everything to create or polish my outline. There’s no other explanation for it than addiction. Rational thought comes into it only so far as to provide rationalizations. I am an addict.”


This year’s project is lovingly titled “Coma Marriage,” even after I nixed the marriage from the synopsis this morning ;). It was inspired by an exercise one of my Muse Online Conference workshop participants completed. This novel has, in the course of two or three days, sprung into form through providing feedback to the participant, two on-the-edge-of-sleep moments, and discussing the thought with Valerie Comer. And up until yesterday morning, I was still kicking and screaming about actually writing this novel.

Oh, and it will be my first completed entry into the adult paranormal romance category (since Sorcery and the Perfect Dress (last year’s NaNo) is a young adult paranormal romance).

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9 Responses to Just What Am I up to?

  1. david_bridger says:

    Welcome, Margaret. You’re with friends, here. 🙂

    Good luck with Coma Marriage!

  2. marfisk says:

    So I take it you’re in as well? We’re all insane, aren’t we :D.

  3. david_bridger says:

    Barking! 😀

  4. anonymous says:

    **sigh** Y’always blame me for everything. Valerie

  5. ca_bookwyrm says:

    I am a NaNo addict as well, sadly. Or maybe happily, since there is such good company here!

  6. marfisk says:

    Only cause you deserve it :). And I wasn’t blaming you…I was pointing to your valuable help :p.

  7. marfisk says:

    And all those excuses still count. NaNo serves some valuable purposes. It’s just ridiculous how wired I am though :).

  8. yvensong says:

    My name is Yve..and I’m a Nano-holic. 🙂

    Oh, and I have no plans to walk the rest of the steps.

    Good luck in November!

  9. marfisk says:

    LOL, not even the one where you prep for a story to get it out of your system?

    Good luck with yours as well.

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