Interviews and Guest Posts

If you are interested in having me visit your blog, please drop me a note using the contact form. I enjoy answering questions about my books, writing, me, and pretty much any topic that requires me to think, as you might guess if you follow my blog.

I’ve never been interviewed by a character before, and Mrs. Albert Baker is one in truth. Hop on over for a glimpse into her post-apocalyptic steampunk world and learn a little more about how The Steamship Chronicles came about. You’ll also get to see the recipe for my mother’s split pea soup, a favorite of mine growing up.

Ben Starling interviewed me about writing and more, with a focus on my steampunk titles. I had fun answering his questions, and you can even see a picture of me as a very young kid in Afghanistan.

I have returned to Tome Tender for a second interview and giveaway covering the whole first volume of The Steamship Chronicles (until October 13th, 2015). Go learn about my adventures octopus hunting when younger than my main characters. Volume One on Tome Tender

Heidi Kneale asked some tough but fascinating questions about society both now and in the Regency Era in her interview of me on Romance Spinners.

Tome Tender profiled Secrets (The Steamship Chronicles, Book One). Though the giveaway is over, you can still read the my interview of the two main characters and an interview of me as well. Go to Tome Tender

You might have noticed that I link to Juliette Wade’s blog frequently in my Interesting Links posts. She has wonderful insight into writerly topics, but she’s also doing a series of culture share posts to offer a look at places where you might not have been. She asked me to do a post on Reno, which I have not, but I told her and her family a story while they were up here in Reno for Renovation 2011 that she enjoyed enough to want to include in her culture share series. The post went live yesterday.

So, if you’re curious about how my Foreign Service background shaped my outlook on life, or just want to enjoy an uncommon adventure, check it out here:

Valerie Comer hosted me as part of her series on muses. My muse had quite a bit to say, so the guest post is in two parts:
Part One
Part Two