Interesting Links for 9-23-2010

This week I offer a handful of links that run the gamut of life to publishing to science. I am making one change in the interests of ease of use. Previously, I added the categories as I found links that fell into them. From now on, I will reorganize them alphabetically so you can tell at a glance whether a favorite category got touched in any particular week. I hope that helps make this more useful. I’m also trying to remember to tie names to the links when I put them in, but if I forget, all you need to do is click to see who is offering up this wisdom.

I enjoy sharing the gems I find with everyone whether they are professional aids, things to expand our horizons, or life helps.


This is a good post because I’ve seen too many people go through this. I recently made someone laugh because I said I have publication goals to legitimize spending all my time writing which is what I want to do. While I certainly wouldn’t mind becoming rich…though not so much famous…happiness to me is bringing a story to life. Not saying you should adopt my philosophy, but that it’s worth finding happiness in what you already have. And now, so you can see why I said that, Nathan Bransford’s take on the “next step” dream:


A guide to a successful book tour with solid tips to follow:


The concept of the option clause comes up every once in a while, but in this post, Jennifer Laughran lays out not just what it means but what you should fight for and why:

A fascinating look at the influence of language on how people think. They examine people’s reactions to different tasks and events through the window of linguistic differences. This concept should be useful for decision-making in constructed languages from how they navigate to how they consider accidental events:

This discovery, if validated, raises all sorts of questions about the possibility of other life. Is Earth in the sweet spot and there are no others? Is this a band of sweet spots encompassing our universe? Regardless, it’s amazing how the more we learn, the less our facts prove true.

A look at what it will take to colonize Mars, including two short videos.


Tawna Fenske demonstrates show not tell by…umm…showing not telling. (Fair warning: If you enjoy her style and read more, her blog can get a little risque:

A look at what reading slush taught James van Pelt, along with tips to avoid offering the story that makes slush readers groan:

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2 Responses to Interesting Links for 9-23-2010

  1. Alex Fayle says:

    Re language: I find I have to watch my use of metaphor when writing. Since I tend to write otherworld fantasy I make an effort to stay away from Earth-context language (for example not referring to a victory as Pyrrhic).

    Or most recently I almost had a dolphin-like creature say to herself at arms length.

    • MarFisk says:

      Oh, I hear you on that. One of my comments to myself in my latest edit is: “What does ‘on a short leash’ mean to my characters? They don’t have pets.”


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