Interesting Links for 9-17-2010

Here is the first installment of my newly focused blog posts. Below, you’ll find links, links, and more links, each with a little explanation and/or commentary as it suits my mood. I hope you’ll see something interesting, and would love to hear back from you if you’re so inclined. Heck, you could even offer up a favorite link of your own, but be warned that I might prod you for a website review at Vision: A Resource for Writers ( if it looks like it has potential.


The steps necessary before a book gets accepted by a publishing house:


Tips on writing good dialogue that make sense:

This revising tip speaks to me because one of the things I’m doing in my current revision is dropping one of the POVs. It’s good to know that can actually turn out to be a positive…maybe:

Terri Lynn Main offers a glimpse into her process for writing a mystery novel:


Is it just me, or do you wonder if this was always a binary system or if there might have been a life-bearing planet around one that saw doom coming as a nearby star wandered into the neighbor and decided to hang around?

I have always had a fascination for Alexander the Great, brought on by an interest in Greek culture began while I was living in the Middle East. It is my memory (and my parents will have to correct if not) that I went to the tomb of Philip II, Alexander’s father in my childhood. However, if I’m right, I’m also possibly wrong, as this article shows:

This exploration of the development of vision through the human lifespan makes us sound more and more like learning computers. Dating myself, all I can hear is “More input” as Johnny Five matures his sense of self and the environment:


For fairy tale lovers who are curious about the history behind them, this site offers an annotated look at a good number of tales:

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