Interesting Links for 8-6-2010

What I Am Reading

Elizabeth Bear’s All the Windwracked Stars is proving to be a complex and rather fascinating read.

A Stroke of Dumb Luck By Shiloh Walker, on, is a fun urban fantasy story that does an excellent job of establishing the world all the while maintaining tension:

Another road trip means more audio short stories. These are my favorite of those I listened to (all from Beneath Ceaseless Skies ( because that’s what I had on my MP3):

The Woman and the Mountain by Sarah L. Edwards
As the Prairie Grasses Sing by Sarah L. Edwards
Waiting for Number Five by Tom Crosshill
and Pale by Kathryn Allen


A look at how being success driven affects a person and where to find meaning in life:


What to think about before you pitch your book:

A solid approach to synopsis writing that may appeal to some of you.


A fascinating adaptation in moles that surprised researchers:

Dismissal of early medical practices by “modern medicine” may be changing at least where fevers are concerned as new hard evidence supports their beneficial aspects:


A glimpse into the past of many authors and what affected their road to publication:

Some notes on composing your opening sentence:


Some basic social media tips that, while not new to most, serve as a good reminder:

Starting with this post, here’s a week worth of blogging tips written by funny, blunt author Tawna Fenske:

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