Interesting Links for 7-30-2010

What I Am Reading

I finished Demon Hunts by C.E. Murphy this week. It was everything I’ve come to expect of her writing and more. I’ll try to get my comments up next week.

I also finished the Irlen book. A lot to think about, but nothing that changed my mind about going forward with the lenses. If just having my monitor tinged green has helped my focus and online reading, how much more will having that ability all the time?

This has not been a heavy reading period for me because I’m writing a complex computer program that tends to grab what concentration I have, but I don’t last long without reading something :).


Tips on how to study the market for a manuscript:

Another big move on the ebook front as things are shaking out:


Highlights of a Twitter discussion with booksellers regarding how authors can make a book signing/event wonderful:


Tips on how to approach openings and why:

Reminders/tips on how not to let a message take over your story:

A look at coincidence in novels and how to make it work for you as the author rather than against:


A good take on rejection letters:


A while back I included an article that posited the variety of dinosaurs represented developmental phases rather than unique species. Evidence for this position is still impacting paleontology as odd circumstances where no immature specimens are found can now be explained with a very different answer. This is interesting from a dinosaur perspective, but it’s also fascinating to me because it’s another case of science being a developing and growing area. What we “know” as true is consistently been shown to be missing the forest for the trees.

Considering my recent exploration and success with the Irlen Syndrome, I have to wonder if color treatment couldn’t help improve depression as well when I read something like this:


A quick reminder that there are things out of our control, and that’s okay:

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