Interesting Links for 7-23-2010

Not as many links as I’d hoped to offer, but once again, I’m on the road (and this time not fast enough to post ahead of time. Still, there should be something of interest for pretty much everyone in the mix I’ve included. Enjoy.

What I Am Reading

While I’m still reading the Irlen book, I’ve also started Demon Hunts by C.E. Murphy. Not surprisingly, I’m enjoying this continuation of the Walker Papers, but what she’s done with this one is fascinating, because it offers old readers something new while grounding new readers in the world.

I also just finished listening to Tender Morsels by Margo Lanagan, which I started listening to in Audio Book for all the way back in December of 2009. I don’t have much opportunity to listen to longer works because when I’m on a long drive, it is generally with someone else in the car who wouldn’t appreciate coming in on the middle of the book. On the other hand, it says a lot about the book that I was able to pick up right where I’d stopped with no loss of place or story.


As you’ve probably noticed, I’m quite focused on this Irlen thing because it offers a boost in what I want to do. However, in talking to my screener, she found one of my coping mechanisms bizarre. How amusing then that the very next week I find an article validating my effort to involve my hearing in the process of verifying I read what was on the page correctly. There is a tie between hearing and the other senses:

I’m a former vegetarian and have recently been exposed to a strong green ideology so this article caught my eye, but why it did might be a little different than intended. Reading between the lines, the costs of “letter of the law” adherence rather than the intent when it comes to substituting meat with fake meat.


I’ve heard this before, but as a confirmation that your query blurb might just end up on the back cover, so make sure you nail it:

Another reason a pseudonym might be on the table, one that I’ve already faced:


I’m a firm believer in good critique partners, but a critique partner, and even an editor, can only point you in the right direction. You have to have the skill to act on that information:

Referred Resources

These are links I’ve either not finished reading or haven’t done more than glance at them, but I’ve been referred to them several times by different trusted sources, so you all might find them useful:

A guide to every aspect of the freelancer life, and while not all might apply or be appropriate for your individual circumstances, Kristine Kathryn Rusch covers pretty much every base so you’re likely to find something of interest:

Penguin is nice enough to make their guide to online marketing available to everyone, not just their authors. Sure to be some good tips in there:

Click to access penguin_authors_guide_to_online_marketing_summer_2008.pdf

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6 Responses to Interesting Links for 7-23-2010

  1. Alex Fayle says:

    Great article on the vegetarianism and even better comments. I love reading the opinions of fanatics (of whatever stripe) because they offer great character studies into people who feel instead of think and believe dogma trumps questions.

    • MarFisk says:

      I’ll admit that half the reason I add some of these non-writing articles is because of what they show about human nature :).

  2. Dawn says:

    Weird I was just discussing the meat/veg thing with my hubby today. There are ways to move away from consming too much meat, but we’d never be able to drop it completely. We won’t do the fake meats either.

    And interesting blog on the name issue. To me I always read you as Margaret Fisk, and skip right over the McGaffey part. I think it’s the brain’s instinct to catch the first and last and fill in the middle gaps. Me, I’m using my maiden name (and there’s already a well published author with that same last name in the same genre). So who knows if that might even benefit my sales.

    • MarFisk says:

      Well, when I was vegetarian, I didn’t eat the meat substitutes anyway because I was vegetarian to avoid the taste and texture of meat :). However, coming up with a more balanced diet is the best thing for overall health.

      And regarding my name, you’ve known me without out my maiden name longer than with it tucked between, so that makes sense. Same last name should be okay, but the three I have are exactly my name and are a lawyer, a teacher, and a newspaper reporter (though any of them could also write fiction).

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