Interesting Links for 5-28-2010

I’m setting this to post in advance because as of tomorrow morning, I’m hitting the road. I’ll be at BayCon in San Jose, California from Friday through Monday. It’s a fun convention, and I look forward both to seeing familiar faces and making some new friends.

What I’m Reading

My husband recommended I read This Is Not A Game by Walter Jon Williams and so far it’s living up to the recommendation and the title. I must admit that I find the timing amusing considering one of the panels I’m on at BayCon this weekend is about violence in video games.


Tips on how to turn a bad day around:

This both scares and intrigues me. My first thought is that I don’t have time to cut multitasking out of my life. Ironic, but true. Maybe next year.


Some of you know this, but I’m still driving my first car. She turns 20 this year, and knock on wood, has been almost without major repairs (the two being a minor recall and when my hubby decided a compact station wagon was just the thing to go off-roading in ;)). She’s a Toyota. Based on that experience, we now have two other Toyotas, one about my car’s age and one much newer, plus most of my family drives Toyota now. I know they’re having a rough spot with the over-automated systems, but I find news like this intriguing. I figure my car’s going to give up some day…maybe in ten more years?

More human than average? Or just thinking it’s so:


Some things to keep in mind about writing and being a published writer:


I’m putting this in writing because it’s all about a writing technique of sorts, but if you’ve been following my link lists, you’ll notice this falls into the same pattern as some of my science articles about how the creative mind is mapped. Curious that.


While not about promoting ourselves, this post prompted some thoughts with regards to the book reviews I post on my blog, specifically about using the text included when I receive an early review copy of a book, but there are other hints of things not to do that we might not have thought about:

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