Interesting Links for 4-8-2011


A tongue in cheek but completely accurate flowchart for getting published with a work of fiction:


Juliette Wade pointed me to a YouTube channel of snippets of vanishing languages, something sure to offer those building a society around language some good ideas:

And another resource, this time for historical conflicts. Select the year, select the region, and click on a red dot. You’ll get the name and timeline, then if you click the “i,” you’ll get a short summary of the conflict:


This article about a preserved brain is fascinating on its own, but one line stands out, a note that the archaeologists are having difficulty managing human remains that are more than skeletal. The psychology is very different:

Chocolate is so much more than an essential tool for keeping modern life moving forward ;), it’s also a window into the ancient past as archeologist determine the extent of trade between the southwestern Native Americans and those in Central and South America:


What to avoid on the first page of your novel if you want agents and editors to get to the second:

Lazette Gifford on what rushing means and why it’s a bad thing for writing, and has little to do with speed:

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