Interesting Links for 12-10-2010


Weronika Janczuk offers some suggestions for how to turn familiar text into unique text so the errors stand out. I am boggled by the idea of posting something on the wall (of course I can’t reach any of my walls because of furniture), but most of her techniques are similar to what I already do except for the conversion to PDF, something I’m going to adopt.

Online Reads

I discovered Ellen Kushner by accident one year at the library, but I loved Swordpoint and so when I saw had a story of hers up, I had to read it. Well worth the time. Kushner writes non-magic fantasy stories that are all people and surroundings. The Man with the Knives is no different. A wonderful mood piece.


The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies because it’s campy, yet poignant, with a frame story that works to keep you moving forward, but that’s not quite relevant. What is relevant is how Jael McHenry uses key quotes from the movie to explain the publishing process. It’s fun and useful:


A fun look at the psychological and philosophical underpinnings of the Steampunk genre from the far future that jives with my own thoughts on the matter:


A study found that people with lower socioeconomic standing were better at reading emotions. And they put a relatively positive spin on it instead of this being because of more inherent danger in failing to accurately read a situation.


Juliette Wade tackles the time honored question of whether writers must follow the rules and what that really means:

Joelle Anthony has reposted a popular article she wrote analyzing the common trends in Young Adult literature. 9, 7, 6ish, and 2 are all in one of my books or another. What about you?

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