Interesting links for 11-05-2010


Some solid tips on the difference between traditional and social marketing so that your efforts to promote aren’t received the wrong way:


A quick poll of what YA readers would like to see in YA literature that is either rare or not present. The number of responses to make something a “top answer” is not provided, but still, it’s interesting to see both as a reader and market research when looking at what story ideas to tackle next:


I recently put up a link about the stages of editing. Here’s an author’s perspective that holds nothing back:


The footprints left behind by species long lost to the world provide sometimes surprising discoveries:


Tips on why and how to seek an agent when you have an offer on the table by Rachelle Gardner:

Supporting Your Authors

An author goes through the economics of royalties with an eye for identifying the best way to support authors:


This podcast by an acquiring Harlequin editor uses When Harry Met Sally to illustrate how to write brief but compelling stories. Some of what she says bucks the trends, especially in ‘show not tell’:

For those on the lookout for some good writing books, here’s the ones Harlequin editors recommend, including some surprising additions that show there’s a lot in common between film and fiction:

A look at when technobabble can enhance a story and some techniques for doing so:

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