Interesting Links for 10-29-2010


It’s always nice to see signs that what I love has earned a place in popular culture, but this is one step further:

Shakespeare in Shakespearian dialect. A fascinating look at how the plays were heard in their own time:


A glimpse into the process of negotiation between agent and editor using a mock example:


For those fascinated with the concept of EMP, here’s a look at what folks are currently thinking (not agreeing on mind you) and the risk of either a bomb or solar flare resulting in a catastrophic EMP event:

The wonders of the human body never fail to astound us and this asthma research is no different:


Tip on the final step before you hit send on that electronic submission:


This is broader than just actual writing, but Harlequin is doing a one-week education session for aspiring romance writers. It is the first 5 days of NaNo, sadly, but looks to be very informative. And I must amend this note because it was explained on the blog that the NaNo timing was deliberate, giving romance writers a framework upon which to construct their novel for the intended market:

I teach a class on body language because this is an area that many writers gloss over. Juliette Wade offers a good evaluation of the use of gesture in this post:

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Margaret! I’m glad you liked my post. Body language is a rich resource for writers.

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