Interesting Links for 10-22-2010

This week most of my reading was focused on writing topics, but there’s a smattering of other areas covered as well.


While directed at entrepreneurs, this article talks about dealing with negativity, which is something everyone experiences, whatever the action that provokes it:

Injecting Poison Into Your Brain


For those Web programmers out there, here’s a decent explanation of, and possible solutions for, common security issues:


Some tips on how to manage your publisher/author relationship from a panel at the Novelists Inc. Conference:


If you’ve ever been curious about the impact quantum physics will have on the future, this article should prove fascinating. It details ten ways quantum physics has changed or is changing our understanding of our universe and where our limitations lie:


Many of you may have experienced a variation of this, and those of you wanting to go to writing workshops should know what you might experience in the weeks afterwards as well:

Titles are the bane of my existence. Sometimes I’ll come up with the perfect one early in the game only to have to give it up when it’s no longer appropriate, or I’ll have a story that refuses to move beyond the working title. However, titles are never irrelevant or low stress for me. Since many writers share title issues, I thought you all might enjoy Lynn Viehl’s perspective on them:

And the extra article linked in the above that goes into the topic with more depth:

While directed toward children’s literature authors specifically, these tips are important to keep in mind for all kinds of writing:

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