Interesting Links for 10-15-2010

This week is a bit of a mishmash. I’m still up to my gills in the Muse Online Writers Conference, but poked my head up enough to catch a few things I wanted to share.


A wonderfully simple presentation on the impact of oil dependency with hope for the future:


I know I’m dating myself, but I recognize and enjoyed a good number of these games. Sure, they lack the fancy graphics and video tales, but whether it’s a walk down memory lane or expanding your horizons, go check out a game or two and see how creative people were with incredibly limited resources:


A thought on how publishers market that makes all too much sense:


Peter Stampfel, the slush reader for DAW Books, shares some of his experiences and gives publishing tips in this interview:


And for your dinosaur tidbit of the week, what scientists can learn from the parts of dinosaur digs normally thrown away:

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