Interesting Links for 10-01-2010

Is it just me, or is the year flying by? This week is mainly focused on the writing side. Maybe it’s a sign, or more likely that I had very little time to search things out, and coincidentally, I’m knee deep in a massive edit.


Here is a nice list of four common problems manuscripts have, along with examples and resources to explore them in more depth:


This is about a scientific study, but the use of swear words to aid communication seems to me to be a life issue. Here’s the article that caught my attention:

And here’s a related blog post I wrote years ago (warning it’s long) about the purpose of “bad language” and the potential for consequences if the use is suppressed:


Not sure where I stand on the questions raised in this blog post, but I think the questions need asking all the same, whatever the answers are or should be:


An analysis of the commonalities between “how I got my agent stories” that offers some good tips for the submission process:


How deeply you feel what your characters are experiencing influences how deeply your readers will dive in with you, but that very emotion can work against you. Here’s a look at why and how to make it work:

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2 Responses to Interesting Links for 10-01-2010

  1. Dear Margaret,
    I am honored that you listed my blog post about four common problems manuscripts have in your blog.
    Do something good for yourself today.

    • MarFisk says:

      Yr welcome. I read a bunch of things on the Web each week. The ones that strike me as particularly useful or interesting, I pass on to my blog readers. Thank you for contributing something that will benefit the group mind that is the Internet :).

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