Interesting Links for 03-12-2010

What I’m Reading

I wish I could say I finished something, but things have been very chaotic and I’m loving this huge novel Holly Lisle’s making me read, Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. Not only is it a good, complicated story, but it’s a book I can share with my oldest son, who read it before me and wants the next couple of books.

I also started a second novel, The Rat Catcher by Kate Rothwell, because it was on my Sony eReader when I was off at an appointment. I’d requested the book when I had time to read it…then life happened, but better late than never. So far it’s a fun historical romance that edges on risque.


Transforming human skin into the ultimate touchscreen:

This is worth reading if only to learn chameleons can launch their tongues at FORTY-ONE Gs. Humans black out at 8G:

The applications of this should it prove scalable would be incredible. Anyone could walk up walls.

Jurassic Park’s most fearsome dinosaurs? May actually have been early birds based on a new theory of bird evolution:


Agent Lucienne Diver’s perspective on the publishing journey:

Down to earth take on the secret of getting published:


Popular Science archives available on the web. Excellent not just for the science, but for seeing what advertisements appeared then:

Tips on historical research:


What not to do in an interview:


Sources of conflict for a story:

Designed for gaming, this is nonetheless a nice collection of motivations for the villain:

A good look at beginnings:

A look at foreshadowing:

Pithy quotes from authors that really pack a punch:


For those interested in Steampunk, another list of key novels:

Margaret Atwood on what social need science fiction and speculative fiction fills:

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