Interesting Links for 01-21-2011

Just for Fun

This is a under 5 minute video about a boy’s imagination and where it takes him on a rainy day. Lovely little break pointed out by Lynn Viehl:

Juliette Wade mentioned this site on her blog. You enter a surname and it shows where that name shows up most frequently. Interesting results on my maiden name of McGaffey:


Though targeted at writers and using a very sarcastic tone, this long post from John Scalzi covers the financial management necessary to survive as a writer. Written in 2008, everything still applies as far as I can tell except the pro rate which is now 5 cents. I qualify for number three right now, though I still freelance and have done the desk job before and probably will again. I’m also still driving the car I bought in 1990. He offers no apology or tender handling, but what is there is a step by step look at how to avoid financial pitfalls and prepare yourself for living within your income:


Using whole trees as building material offers a unique look along with environmental benefits:


The book return system has a lot of critics, but looked from the book seller perspective, what choice do they have when facing the space taken up by unsold merchandise? Here’s one bookstore’s crafty approach:


Another dinosaur, this one small and from the very early ages. Note that the video wouldn’t run for me:

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