i see you by Holly Lisle

This book is not a romance in my definition of them particularly, but a great story. I had many of the pieces to the mystery (some even the characters didn’t catch though that was plausible), but didn’t have the answer. I don’t know if it’s because my ability to pick up all the clues is failing, or because all the pieces aren’t present to help people like me get the answer before everyone else. Though I can usually see the answer, it didn’t bug me that I couldn’t. The story is enjoyable without the answer, in part because there’s more to it than just the mystery, though the fact that Dia’s life is on the line is a primary concern.

I can’t explain why I would say it isn’t a romance without spoilers, but let’s just say things happen that I can’t get my head around in a romance. However, I do have to say that the label on the spine is Onyx Novel, not Onyx Romance, Romantic Suspense, or whatever. Even the back blurb focuses more on the terror than the couple, another clue :). That said, there is a love story buried in amongst the thriller plot for our enjoyment. And the romance sub-thread has one of the most amusing lines in it for me. If you’ve been reading along here, you’ll already know how I detest the trend toward excitement-based relationships as opposed to those that the characters have to work at. Well, Dia thinks, “She would be able to see if it was him she was in love with, and not just the fact that he was keeping her safe from a nut who was trying to kill her.” Yep. That’s exactly my problem with romantic suspense. That the character sees the same issue is just precious :).

Anyway, I read this book because I know Holly’s writing and enjoy how she creates characters and makes them come to life on the page. Considering how quickly I devoured i see you in my spare moments, many of which were stolen when I had other, “better,” things to do, I’d have to say she succeeded :). Oh, and this is the first book ever I’ve had that came from a supermarket. My husband bought it for me at the local Smiths.


Though this is not one of the books she has available in eBook form on her site as of yet, you can purchase many of her titles for your eReader now. When I read i see you, I don’t think that was possible.

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