How Seeds Among the Stars Earned a Makeover: Cover Reveal

Shafter was my second novel released as an indie, and since it sprang into being as a very dense short story, Shafter has pushed me to do more with the idea, that is until I released the novel. Then my story gained readers…and wings…as my readers took up the call for more. Shafter became the starting point for Seeds Among the Stars, blossoming into a series focused on the same elements of exploration, family, community, and accepting yourself all within a universe filled with many different perspectives.

If that isn’t enough to deserve a makeover, though I have a soft spot for the original cover, what is? Perhaps being accepted into a Story Bundle deal with a group of other authors, some I’ve already read and others I’m looking forward to. That’s right. Shafter will be available along with a number of other wonderful stories starting March 2nd on Story Bundle, so mark your calendar and keep an ear to the ground for more information as we get nearer to that date.

What does this have to do with the makeover? Well, as part of the Story Bundle process, I was introduced to the talented folks over at Deranged Doctor Design. They offered a cover style that really highlights the genre for Seeds Among the Stars and yet also folds into the world through special touches like the hint of subway rails and the color wash per book.

Ready to see the eBook covers? (The print covers are still in the works.)

Shafter (Seeds Among the Stars)  eBook CoverTrainee (Seeds Among the Stars)  eBook Cover

And for a special treat, here’s a glimpse of Apprentice. The first draft is almost done, and the eBook cover is ready and waiting.

Apprentice (Seeds Among the Stars)  eBook Cover

The new version of Shafter will be available in the eBook bundle (either before or at the same time as other vendors). If you’ve already enjoyed the book, this is a great opportunity to introduce your friends and family to my series along with a bunch of other ones. Finding an audience in a crowded book market is a big deal, so I (and the others) would appreciate any help you can offer to boost the signal.

For those who have already purchased Shafter, you’ll be able to get the new version if you so choose once the covers have changed by downloading a new copy at most vendors. With Amazon, you have to send a request to their customer support because it will replace your old version, which means all comments and highlights will be lost.

And one last bit of information on the bundle to whet your appetite. It will include E.M. Hartshorn’s Bodyguard of Lies, which I reviewed here.

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  1. Beautiful covers!

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