Golden Triangle by David Bridger

Golden Triangle is the sequel to Quarter Square and the second in the Wild Times series, but though some of the events tie back, if you accept that Joe and Min are on the run, I think you can enjoy it out of sequence. You notice I don’t say on its own simply because once you’ve stepped into David’s world, you’ll want to see where it started as much as where it’s going next.

I met David through a writers chat and was very nervous when he asked for a crit because I’m blunt and detailed. This was several novels back, but he took my suggestions and ran with them when I’d expected him to run the other direction. That courage and conviction in his path is evident in his characters as well.

The Golden Triangle narrative is told in a non-traditional way, with both rapid and laid back sections, but when put together by David’s talented hands, it works. There’s a large cast with intertwining goals and histories, many of which are not revealed to the Joe and Min until after everything goes cockeyed, but there’s always at least one, if not more than one, thing going on at a time, even when it appears to the characters that danger has taken a breather.

At its root, Golden Triangle is a story about how love isn’t enough by itself. About how a relationship requires more than a blind cupid shooting arrows to make it work.

This is where the odd narrative comes in, because the story unfolds in disaster after disaster, with old enemies and new come hunting Joe for revenge or willing to use the talents he has.

I’m trying really hard to avoid spoilers, which is binding my tongue because everything in this story is multilayered. Every character, it seems, has more than one role to play and is involved in multiple levels whether knowingly or not, whether willing or not. A simple comment with a name applied may give away too much, and though the story will still delight, there’s something wonderful in trying to figure out the different threads without knowing what’s coming.

What I can tell you is there is magic, alternate worlds, and fantastical characters all intertwined with complicated people and circumstances. There’s a blend between our modern world and other not so modern ones. There are outright chases and battles, and there are hidden manipulations to bring about events no sane or good-hearted person would want.

Take a walk on the wild side with David Bridger. It’s worth the trip.

P.S. I received this novel from the author in return for an honest review.

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