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I’m afraid I don’t have much to offer in the way of interesting links this week. It’s been a short week for me and then I was condemned to watch TV for a whole day and a half without my laptop by my youngest (who determined brain melt as the perfect cure for a cold ;)). Oddly enough, I did improve significantly, so maybe he’s right.


One of the things I like the most about scientific fact is that it isn’t. There is no more adamant an evangelist than a scientist who has bought into a particular line of scientific thought as Truth with a capital T. That’s why an article like this one is going to catch my eye where the scientific community has ignored obvious problems in favor of what they’ve chosen as fact. The difference between faith and science though, is that eventually the evidence catches up on the evangelical scientists :).


Now this is scary. I wouldn’t want my employment eligibility to be held against my password protection, but no way would I fill in the form explained below. Just what purpose does it serve for the City of Bozeman, Montana to have the ability to post on my sites? The article is shocking for two reasons: 1) apparently the policy was not known by leading officials and 2) there’s no distinction between being able to view the information and revealing the password which would allow posting and modification of the information. Personally, viewing is bad enough, but the password is insane.


Breakdown on types of heros for the various Harlequin and Mills & Boon lines:

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