Friday’s Interesting Links

There’s no “What I’m Reading” section for this week as I haven’t finished either reading the book or listening to the audio book. That said, both will be coming with me on my next trip, along with at least one other.


More assumptions about ancient South American vanishing under new evidence:

Exploring the blind spots in our perceptions:

Invertebrate tool use:

Wearable nuclear batteries? Okay, that’s stretching, but here’s the start:


Suggestions for book marketing:

4 reasons why writers should have a blog:


A fascinating look at Alice in Wonderland as satire speaking out against the movement of mathematics from the physical to the abstract in Victorian times:


This could as well be put under life, but since it focuses on writer’s block, I’m putting it here. Good suggestions for how to manage negativity so it doesn’t become paralyzing:

A look at how dialogue can evoke tone, and when to tell not talk:

While I believe tell has its place, these are three good tips for approaching an editing project:


A glimpse into the minds of editors at Dutton:

And one into the lives of literary scouts:


The steps that occur between contract and a book arriving on the bookstore shelf:

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2 Responses to Friday’s Interesting Links

  1. Texanne says:

    Wow. Nice place you’ve got here. I just stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope that you’re getting some rest and peace. Time off! Yay!

    • MarFisk says:

      Glad you enjoyed your visit, Texanne. Me, I was off doing just as you suggested. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too.

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