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Notice: I have been getting up-to-date market news from for years, and so know that the information is kept up and accurate. That’s where I point people first. With the proliferation of searchable databases, apparently is slipping out of the public eye despite reliability being key. Ralan has asked, if you benefit from his efforts, that you tell Writer’s Digest, using the information below:

  • Send an e-mail to writersdig (at) fwpubs (dot) com with the Subject line: “101 Websites”
  • Write a short note asking them to check out the site for possible inclusion
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What I Am Reading

I’m in the middle of enjoying Crystal Healer by S.L. Viehl, but I wanted to, oddly, mention something I haven’t read yet. I got my first issue of Weird Tales in the mail the other day (I have been an on-and-off subscriber), and I left it in a prominent place, pointing it out to both my sons without a lot of expectation. They’re avid readers, but not particularly interested in short fiction. However, the youngest (15) picked it up on his own, and made a point of telling everyone how much he enjoyed the story he read (which of course I can’t remember the title of). Still, it’s a worthwhile recommendation because both of them have good taste when it comes to speculative fiction.


Tips for successful book tours:

Tips for connecting with other writers at conferences:

Avoiding disappointment in your book’s marketing: PublishedAuthorsAndHowYouCanAvoid.aspx


Making the big climax moment worth it:

This is really about critiquing, but it’s part of the process.

A look at the significance of character name choices:

Good advice on scene construction, which though targeting sex scenes, is solid for all scenes:

I am not, at this time, planning to write a crime novel, but this clear, concise evaluation of the genre proved interesting regardless:

A look at the difference between comedic writing and joke-based plots, along with an analysis of Soulless I heartily agree with (especially the addition of “oh, my”).

Solid tips on how to respond to feedback, whether from your critique partners or your editor/agent from an author’s perspective (for all he’s an agent):

How to use dialogue to strengthen the story, with examples:

An overview of what to look at when revising characters (the introduction to a series of related posts to come:

Examples of good ways to start a romance novel:


Most parents become annoyed during the “why” phase, but this article looks at what kids are trying to do, and why ducking the question is likely to make the annoyance worse, not better.

Nature still has a lot to teach us, but who would have thought e-readers would benefit?

I remember when the brain size to body mass theory of intelligence became controversial with the realization that dolphins were our equivalent and whales had a better ratio. Newer research, though, is eliminating the brain size all together by unlinking overall size and complexity.

Memory, or rather memory under conscious control, is something I struggle with, so a discovery like this is fascinating:

Exploring not just the nature of belief, but the way beliefs are accredited to God and others.

Monks, the historical keepers of records, have adopted leading edge tech to digitize those very records once copied laboriously by hand:


A look at what defines the urban fantasy genre:

A well-played comment on Harlequin’s new publishing model:

An agent’s rant that gives a good look at the daily job as well:

What a writer should be able to expect from an agent:

A thought-provoking analysis of Yog’s law, money flows to the writer, in these times of publishing upheaval.


I hadn’t thought of Twitter in this way because I use it to keep tabs on the publishing industry, but as I was reading this list of why Twitter improves happiness, I had to nod at every one. Thanks all my twitter follows for improving my positive outlook as well as informing me on just about everything:

A glimpse into steampunk by the BBC:

And more on steampunk:

A look at lifestyle and priorities with an eye to what you’ll remember when you’re 80:


Suggested list of paranormal fantasy to blow your mind. Some of these are on my to-be-read pile, while others may soon be, though I haven’t read any of them yet.

Thought-provoking look at acknowledgements from the reader’s perspective:


If you don’t click any other link listed here, if you are submitting anything, read this evaluation of rejections, print it, keep it where you can see these explanations every time a rejection comes in:

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