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Books I Recommend
(I only finished the one.)

Stakes & Stilettos by Michelle Rowen – How she manages to pull off a flippant, largely cowardly, main character, I don’t know, but I love seeing what Sarah gets into. This novel largely resolves the relationship with her boyfriend Thierry (an ongoing thread of the series), and opens up a new plot to carry into the next book or two.


How to work with your local bookstores:

True Originality Is Overrated:

New Scientist flash contest:

Tips on synopsis writing

Tips on crafting a good hook:


A solid list of what to look at with revisions:

And a list of danger words. Remember that these are ones to pay attention to, not to eliminate out of hand. Even in the examples, there are cases to be made for the “bad” version in context as it changes the emphasis.

A look at what makes up good writing:

This is an interesting concept and of use, I think, to people who are struggling with the concept of plotting. It seems to provide a solid base for an outline:

Tips on ferreting out over writing, but also how to define over writing for that specific work.

Quick review of show vs. tell:

Goal setting and management for writing. What’s interesting about this one is the wide variety of approaches represented in the author quotes:

A group of quick tips for things to look at to strengthen your novel:

Nice list of what being a writer means:


SF flash:

Harlequin free online reads. For those who want a taste of Harlequin, they post both shorter and full-length novels. Here is one example.


Weeblies wobble but they don’t fall down…and now they scope out unknown territory:

This comic illustrates my concerns with some of our assumptions so perfectly I think it belongs under science:

And dinosaur news…I couldn’t pass it up :).

For a road-trip junkie like myself, this comes as no surprise, but it’s an interesting look at the US roadmap:

Possibility of new answers in Mayan Ruins:


An interesting look at depression from another direction

Why Twitter for writers:

Balancing life and work at home:


Quick and easy tied-quilt. Though I like piecing and quilting mine, I’m thinking of adopting the edging suggestion for sure.

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2 Responses to Friday’s Interesting Links

  1. E. Hartshorn says:

    Some interesting links there. However, I have to say I disagreed with most of the danger word examples — especially "had." "Had known" does not mean the same thing as "knew," and English has different tenses for a reason!

  2. Margaret says:

    Yep. That's why I commented about the case for the "bad" versions.

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