Friday’s Interesting Links


Interesting perspective on the “write what you know” advice:

Five things about writing as a career:

Tips for planning your interaction with an agent at a conference:

Decent dialogue tips. I’d also add that using voice recognition can improve your overall dialogue.

This is the start of a series on how to cut your novel by 20%. So far, the advice is solid and I agree with it. Often I find the “cut by” articles too simplistic, so I will be watching this series.

And more tips on what to look for when shortening:

10 things to know about being a professional writer:

Some suggestions on how to make traditional openings in romance unique.

I like this philosophy regarding pantsing and outlining. It has a lot in common with my approach:


This fascinates me because I have an innate compass, but even so, I navigate by triangulation. At a certain point instinct tells me I’ve gone too far. In contrast, my youngest hates cities because he gets disoriented without being able to see the big landscapes.


When is a publicist a good idea?

Rachelle Gardner’s take on publishing in the current economy:

I’ve been going back and forth on the Google Settlement, trying to understand it, but today I signed up only to discover I’ve already got something listed. It’s worth doing just to check:–2009–Google-Book-Settlement-Opt-Out-Date

With the caveat that a brilliant story can overcome almost anything, here’s a list of agents’ dislikes for opening chapters.

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2 Responses to Friday’s Interesting Links

  1. E. Hartshorn says:

    Okay, now can you find links for those of us who write 20% below expected word count to start with? 😉

  2. Margaret says:

    Umm, umm, maybe? I'll have to see what comes my way.

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