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Will our hearts require us to invent artificial gravity before expanding much further?

My cats aren’t this subtle. They cry when they want attention, but then they have an always-filled bowl too. Still, it just proves what cat owners have always known…and hey, multilevel vocalization. That’s cool :D.

A little bit of space history and a reminder of where we’ve been:


The comments make it into a divisive issue, but at the heart, I think this suggestion has a point. Writers of all genres don’t do it for the money. Unless I become the next J.K. Rowling, I’d have made more sticking with computers. What is the financial incentive for the small-time writers, those still scrambling for a foothold? And would that picture change if the publishers had an incentive to invest in the new ones. Maybe limited to a number of books and royalty amount, or something, but a tax incentive to support young (in terms of reputation) writers so they have the chance to establish themselves seems a big improvement on this “you better make big or we drop you like a hot potato” approach we’ve got going now.

I really like this analogy for writers on the Internet:

I always knew writers were a bit off, myself included, but now it’s been nailed down :D. A percentage of creative folks have the same genetic mutation as schizophrenics. So when asked if you hear voices, do you answer yes?


Words added to Merriam-Webster in 2009. It’s an interesting list. Some I can’t believe weren’t there, others… Well, just see for yourself.

A good breakdown of the different types of editors who will work on your manuscript.

A solid take on the problems with using rhetorical questions in your query letter.

Why agents might reject a good book by Anne Hawkins of John Hawkins & Associates with the wonderful ending line: “If a book is truly outstanding, it’s only a matter of time until the right agent steps up to the plate and offers to represent it. Don’t give up too soon!” It’s worth reading whether you’re just starting out or have a book or two doing the submission round.

Apparently I am potentially part of the Google Settlement for my works appearing in anthologies. This is a solid breakdown of some of the issues with the settlement and it explains who is affected and how:

This is a great post about Angela James of Samhain in specific, and editing tips in general:


This article offers a roundup of sites where you can find photographs free for use on commercial sites so websites and book trailers and the like. Do read the rules for each because you may or may not have to attribute.

Book people are nice people, according to this article, and respond to nice authors. Tips on what not to do in a public appearance:


I have a basic contract set out for my programming freelancing and it was a real pain to get it together. We ended up going the email route, but it’s worth having expectations established. This article lists useful resources for those who do freelance writing or programming.


I generally avoid politics and religion on my blog for anything beyond a personal level just because there’s nothing more divisive, but as a woman in computers who was actively discriminated against with the support of upper management, I can’t help but say Huzzah! to Jimmy Carter for this clear and simple statement:

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2 Responses to Friday Interesting Links

  1. suelder says:

    Thanks – this was cool, esp. the schizophrenia link.

    Fwiw – I usually write down what they say. They're usually not talking to me, anyway. I feel a little like a voyeur 😉


  2. Margaret says:

    Right :D. Actually, I was reminded of an incident Zette related on FM a while back when she was in the hospital and they asked her that question. Luckily, the nurse understood when her yes was quickly followed by: I'm a writer.

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