Friday Interesting Links


Interesting map of mythical animals:

Why are you writing? This article talks about choices and not driving yourself into a hole economically just to write. Seeing as I’m a stay at home writer, reading these kinds of assessments helps me evaluate and confirm.

A look at character development:

A tight look at the alpha hero:

Five “easy” steps to being a writer:

And because you should be interested in life after that first sale, whether or not you’re already there, here’s a sobering note about deadlines:


Evaluation of book trailers for marketing:

And a step by step on making a book trailer:

Warning plus suggestions for self-promotion:

Interesting perspective on series potential mentioned in queries followed by a rebuttal to some of the assumptions within

Looking at how people find agents

Personalizing your queries:

Fascinating analysis of the cover art for the top 5 Amazon books:


How to use Twitter:

How to network and have fun as an introvert:


Handy guide, especially since I don’t know most of the basic stitches by name, though I came up with a very useful variation once when I tried to understand a friend’s directions over the phone ;).


An interesting look at the history of a “good” novel and why that seems to be drawing adult readers to YA now.

An author’s take on the full costs of publishing piracy:


This could just as well as be considered social, but this article raises an interesting, and potentially traumatic, question. And the implications of the conclusion are huge if you consider whether political appearance should be held above the wishes of those who volunteer. I know I’m being obscure, but read it and you’ll understand why. I don’t want you to prejudge the question.

Don’t you hate the thought of knowing when you’re going to die? This galaxy has only 2 billion years left if the model is correct:

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4 Responses to Friday Interesting Links

  1. efictionbookclub says:

    Thanks for the link Marfisk!

  2. Margaret says:

    Yr welcome :). Thanks for having something interesting to say.

  3. Michele says:

    Great choice of articles. Loved the one about science–Mars.

  4. Margaret says:

    Glad you enjoyed. But now I'm confused. There isn't a mars article for this week that I can see.

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