Free or 25% off Smashwords July 2016 Coupons for TTO Publishing Titles

The Captain's Chair FREE in July 2016
If you haven’t picked up The Captain’s Chair yet (or want a different format), for the month of July 2016 use the SFREE coupon at checkout to get a 100% discount on this short story. Click the image to go to the story’s page on Smashwords.

If you’ve been waiting for a good sale to check out my novels, or need to fill holes in your collection, use the SSW25 coupon at checkout to get $1 off of every single novel purchase. Click the image below for the series/title you want to check out and you’ll be sent to that page on Smashwords.

For science fiction adventure/space opera:

Seeds Among the Stars Sharable 600x400nc

For sweet Regency Romance:

Uncommon Lords and Ladies Sweet Regency Romance Series

For steampunk adventures:

The Steamship Chronicles Sharable 600x400

For steampunk romance:


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