For Writers

I was introduced to the Internet (after being a computer user for many years) when I discovered Holly Lisle’s Forward Motion. She passed the mantle to Lazette Gifford some years ago, and the philosophy stayed focused on paying it forward. In my own efforts, I have tried to do the same. In this section of my site, you’ll find links to articles, sites, tools, and classes that can help you improve as a writer. I’ve also included some shortcuts to my materials below:

Writing Articles

I have written many writing articles and had a chapter published in a non-fiction writing book. One of my articles in specific, Footsteps to a Novel, has been frequently linked and was named article of the month by a Romance Writers of America chapter. So if you’re looking for some new approaches, you might want to wander through the non-fiction section of my site.

Writing Blog Posts

I have been using my LiveJournal account to talk about my writing process for some years, and when I moved my blog to my website, I imported all those posts as well. These include notes about the various projects I’m working on, what struggles I’ve had, what went really well, and what made me laugh. Some of the posts are so far in my past that they seem alien even to me. It’s an interesting look into my journey and something I could not recreate if I were writing them now. However, because I discuss projects in process, I do have to warn you that there might be some spoilers hidden within. The posts are labeled with the projects so you can avoid specific ones you don’t want spoiled if you still want to see what’s there. The link is on the header of every page, or you can go here: Blog.

Writing Links

I realized a while back that the links I was compiling in my favorites could be useful to others as well. Being a programmer as well as a writer, I put together a script that converted my links into something I could post on the web. I attempted to keep them updated as much as I could, adding new and verifying the older ones still work, but I’m only one person. Because of this, I’ve moved to including 5 or so interesting links on my blog every Friday. However, there’s a lot of useful information to be had on the old links which you can access here: Research Links, or to see just the Interesting Links posts, go here: Interesting Links.