Fearless by Ella Jameson

Fearless by Ella JamesonI chose this book because I expected a historical romance, and I got that and more. Rather than the personal push-pull of contemporary romance, Brynna never doubts Kieran’s love, nor does he doubt hers…when he can remember it. Instead, the tale told is epic, of soul mates found and torn apart by the very land they both love.

Kieran MacAuley was marked by the faerie queen at birth for great things. He carries the title Fearless because his determination has no limits. The people of Ireland are putting their lives and hopes in his hands against English oppression. He is more than a man–he is a living legend.

All this changes when Brynna comes across his dying moments in the aftermath of a battle that claimed every one of the Irish defenders. She has a bit of a history herself, being the child of Maire, the faerie queen, and the MacAuley enemy, an Irish turncoat who aids the English for his own purposes–to reclaim the seat of Ireland for his own bloodline. She abhors her father’s choices and has been on the run and in hiding ever since she learned how he withdrew promised support at the last moment to ensure an English victory.

Her mother’s blood allows her to save Kieran’s life, but her father’s ambitions mean she cannot let her emotions bind her to Kieran else he get caught in the conflict between her and her father, and suffer for it.

What follows is a rich tale of love, choices, and changes, thrown against the scarlet background of the Irish-English conflicts in the late 1400s. While I wished for a little more time seeing the two of them together later in the story, that was a minor issue when set against the complexities of political and emotional confrontations that span both human and faerie history. If ever a man needed to be fearless, and ever a woman strong, these two are the ones who need it the most as they battle for each other and for Ireland herself. It’s well worth the read for anyone who enjoys historical paranormals, and even for those who just want an epic love story where the characters must consider more than just selfish love, but the consequences of giving in to it.

Though I received this review copy from NetGalley, the opinions in my review are all my own.

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