Falling for Fortune by Nancy Robards Thompson

Falling for Fortune by Nancy Robards ThompsonThis is not the first book I’ve read about the Fortune family and I’ve enjoyed each one. They’re focused on connections and helping people who have never had them form new ones with a huge clan.

Falling for Fortune, though, starts out disconnected in every way. Christopher Fortune, formerly Chris Jones, has huge father issues and has taken his recent introduction into the Fortune family as a way to escape them. He’s moved, changed his name, is now working in a job created for him, and has become nothing more than a rich playboy.

He’s a little hard to take. Though you see into his thoughts, they are very much about escaping from the poverty of his childhood and his father’s influence. He’s not looking to anything, except maybe Kinsley, but there it’s as much a playboy’s interest as anything serious.

Kinsley Aaron, on the other hand, is thankful to be an orphan after her father passed away. She’s spent a troubled childhood watching her father trade on his good looks and pleasing personality, when he wasn’t drunk. She’s determined to work hard and prove people, herself included, matter.

Christopher Fortune is everything she’s wanted to escape from. He can’t even remember people’s names from one minute to the next. She knows his type from a mile away, and the thing is, she isn’t wrong. It’s Chris Jones whom she feels an instant connection with, only she doesn’t know he exists.

They end up working together on a project for the Foundation to combat bullying in schools. It’s a wakeup call for Christopher and an eye-opener for Kinsley that redeems him in his own eyes and in hers.

After a rough beginning where Christopher is both the main focus and not very likable, Falling for Fortune brings the reader on a path of personal redemption that is both compelling and beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.

P.S. I received this title from the publisher as part of the Tell Harlequin program.

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