Dinosaurs – Jurassic Park in Lego

I started writing (on my phone) this deep, complicated philosophical look at the themes in my steampunk series and how they reflect the world around us…and have since learned there is no auto save of a new file in Dropbox. You have to save it once.

Who knows if I can pick up that thread later, so I was going to post a simple smile instead, but I’m in a mood for…well…dinosaurs! They can do all the stomping and thrashing about so spare me the temper tantrum about lost work, right? Besides, it comes with some backstory:

I have a long history with both the book and the movie. My hubby gave the book to me to read while I was pregnant with my first because, hey, it’s about dinosaurs. He neglected to mention the whole horror aspect. I spent a couple of hours on the sofa with my feet curled up out of reach.

Then, showing I was no smarter where dinosaurs are concerned, we showed the movie to our young dinosaur-loving boys… Umm, they sided with the T-Rex over the lawyer.

Of course, this proves we were not alone in making the “dinosaurs are for everyone” judgment. So for your amusement and amazement, Jurassic Park in short…and Lego:

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