Diary of a Determined to Be Morning Person

I know…two posts in two days. Shocking :).

About 16 years ago, I was converted to a night person by around the clock feedings and my most productive time is between 10pm and 12pm. But my family has to leave the house early in the morning, my hubby first and then the boys. I’m tired of dragging myself out of bed to emote a goodbye through sleep-closed throat and squinty eyes. Hence my plan to convert.

So… Here’s how the start of this grand adventure begins:

Day 1:
5:05 – Woken up by husband following express wishes. Awake and focused.
5:15 – Hop in the shower…hot water has not recovered from husband’s bath :p.
6:15 – Done with shower, getting dressed, and morning calisthenics
6:45 – Done with breakfast (just cereal as normal). Decide to wait until house is empty to write.
7:22 – Have done some email, installed critical patch, started two loads of laundry through the process, and said goodbye to everyone else. Time to Write!
7:45 – Switched laundry, finished up what I was doing, ready to WRITE!
8:15 – Turned on writing music, played a game of Lose Your Marbles, read back a bit on the outline since I haven’t touched this book in ~4 weeks, and read the last chapter. Time to…fall asleep.
9:10 – Woke up out of nightmare about confused kid time deadlines. Out on the beach in wet swimsuit when I’m supposed to be driving oldest (who’s MUCH younger) to sleepover birthday party some 8 hours away. Was it supposed to be there at 2pm, or leave for there at 2pm? Freezing. Go put on robe and push the heater up to 68 degrees from 65.
9:45 – Oh look! First fiction words of 2009. All 494 of them!
Around 11:01 – This time my dream was as punishment for insolence in Harry Potter type boarding school but not, sent to spend the night in the falconry tower with all the loose raptors who are each about my size. Upset about the charge but not the punishment, I get along with the birds fine, but… There’s a huge feast scheduled at the tower. I’m in charge of helping the cook but I can’t remember the instructions. I’m trying hard but… I know I’m supposed to cut the onions. After chopping them into little squares, I half remember I’m supposed to be doing circles. Sigh. Someone comes and raps on the back glass doors. I open the door careful not to use my hand, but as they come in, the rain splatters me. Cook tells me to go wash up. Phone rings to wake me out of the second nap. It’s a recorded sales pitch. We’re on the do not call list.

So…hmmm. Up at 5:05? Check. Two naps totaling about 2 hours before noon? Not so check.

Maybe I shouldn’t have started this after two almost sleepless nights in a row? At least the dreams were colorful…if nightmares.

And now you know why this is labeled a canary post?

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5 Responses to Diary of a Determined to Be Morning Person

  1. Jean says:

    Ummm…you were supposed to take one of the kids somewhere.

  2. Margaret says:

    :p! The whole point of today was that the boys were safely back in school and no longer my immediate responsibility. Apparently my subconscious hasn’t cottoned on to that fact!

  3. Mama Rose says:

    Thank you so much for the laugh!


  4. ann says:

    This made me laugh! I keep thinking I should wake up earlier too…but in the end, I think the nap would take over…

  5. Margaret says:

    Thought it might offer a giggle or two :).

    Day 2 I got up at 6am after “snoozing” my husband for an hour.

    Day 3? 8:30 :p.

    Working on doing better.

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