Curve of Her Claw Now Stands Alone

Curve of Her ClawMy short story Curve of Her Claw, the very first sale I ever made, is now available in eBook form. I have a lot to thank William Horner III of Fantasist Enterprises for because his anthology call brought this story into being, and it’s one I can still be proud of, despite being written in 2003, some nine years before. Not only that, but the illustrator, Star Olson, did two wonderful drawings for my story, both of which she allowed me to reprint along with the story for your pleasure.

Included in this release, available from A Conspiracy of Authors for only 99 cents, is a short essay on the story behind the story. Smashwords has already posted it, but Nook and Kindle versions will be available at Barnes and Noble, and Amazon, respectively, as soon as the eBook is live.

I hope you enjoy my look into the culture of a tribe of elves who have little in common with those from high fantasy, and I would love to hear what you think of it.

So, hop over and check out the special story page here: Curve of Her Claw and consider picking it up.

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