Creativity Challenge: The Starting Point, Part 1

It’s been a while since I posted a creativity game, so I am long overdue. This one has two parts, and you can choose to play both, either, or just enjoy what comes of it as you please.

This is not a skill contest. It is for fun and to explore what your brain comes up with. You have only to look at my effort to know the bar has been set low enough that everyone can play without concern, so don’t let embarrassment hold you back. It might be fun to play with your kids, even. We are far too critical of ourselves and forget to enjoy the simple things. Kids remind us of what we’re missing, because they haven’t been convinced of all the things “grown-ups” shouldn’t do anymore. If you can, borrowing kids from a friend or family works, too. You give parents an important break and you open your mind to creativity. Anyway, back to the exercise.

First, a little backstory:

My computer does not have a Blu-ray burner so I have to use my husband’s computer to run my monthly backups. (You do back up all critical files at least once a month, right?) He is quite happy with his solitaire scores and since they’re stored, I can’t just pop up a Free Cell window while I’m validating the burn. Some of those files are huge Zip files so take a while to open. (I don’t hang around for the burning. It’s too boring *grin*.)

I have to stay occupied, being a restless sort, and doodling is a good way to do that. With no paper or pen, this month I popped open a Paint window and just started doodling with the mouse to control the pen. If you’ve ever tried to sign your name with a mouse, you know it’s a skilled art…one I do not claim to have. However, it did serve to occupy me, and I enjoyed the doodle enough to “finish” it even though I’d managed to validate all the backup files before I had.

So, the challenge is, as I said above, twofold:

1) This one is quick and easy.

Click on my drawing above to see a bigger version and try to guess what shape started the doodle.

2) This one makes you work for it, but the creativity can lift your spirits and inspire wonder.

Get a blank piece of paper, open a Paint window, or use the tool of your choice. Start anywhere on the page with a simple shape and see where your imagination takes you. Have fun with it. When you’re done, with done being defined by gut level satisfaction, if you’d like to share, please post it somewhere and give the link in your comment so we can all enjoy. With or without a link to the result, I’d love to hear your reaction to the exercise in the comment section.

Next week, I’ll post the answer to the first challenge and some thoughts about process and writing my doodle inspired (part 2). I look forward to seeing what you all will come up with.

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2 Responses to Creativity Challenge: The Starting Point, Part 1

  1. Guess I don’t know how to copy a picture. It was fun although I still can’t draw a line. Then I had already archived your invite and I can’t find it. So here is my effort: Proving Joyce Kilmer. Do with it what you will. (and it was neat to discover that I have Paint on my computer.)

    • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

      You actually need to post it on your website and link to it in your comment (or load it to Facebook or some other online storage that is linkable). Glad to have helped you rediscover Paint. It comes default with all Windows installations.

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