Cover Reveal: The Captain’s Chair

If you follow my newsletter, you will know that I’m still putting the last words into the next novel in Seeds Among the Stars, but I didn’t want to leave my science fiction adventure fans hanging when I happened to have a shorter work (just under 10,000 words) ready to go. Though characterized as a short story so readers won’t be confused, this length technically falls in the novelette category.

If you’re a crossover reader, you’ll know I have a liking for the name Samantha/Sam, but Captain Samantha Marsdom is a very different person than the Samantha you meet in The Steamship Chronicles. This Sam captains The Pimpernel, a spaceship she inherited from her father. She has big dreams of growing her enterprise to include a fleet of merchanters, only she hits more than her fair share of bumps along the road. One of these tales is captured within the pages of The Captain’s Chair, which will be releasing shortly in eBook only with the below cover art. Note: Click the image for a larger picture.

The Captain's Chair by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

The Seeds Among the Stars universe includes a wide variety of groups, one of which is the indie traders, independents who fill the smaller niches where the Spacer Guild doesn’t find value. You met an indie trader turned spacer in Trainee when Trina is assigned to the Medicals. Jade may have chosen to leave that life behind her, but Samantha and her crew love the freedom of indie trading, even if it comes with some dangers.

There are many side stories to explore in this universe, including that of Jade, Trina’s indie trader teammate, so I hope you enjoy this glimpse at the broader world.

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