Coma Wedding

Okay, I know it’s been a while since I gave a real update for Coma Wedding. But a Pretty Bauble was the higher priority project and I’m lousy at updating. But here’s the thing. Coma Wedding is rolling along merrily. At the end of last week, I took some time to update the outline so it’s now in pretty much final form (open to change of course as it always is) and now have a reasonable belief that the final length will be around 110k. It’s an interesting length, but within limits of the type of book (so crossover it ends up being mainstream ;)).

This has been an odd book from the start. First it comes and grabs me when I wasn’t writing anything, then I started NaNo without finishing the outline (and it was in lousy shape for the part I needed then), and when I reached the end of NaNo, I was dead. So I stopped entirely and blamed the book. But it wasn’t the book, it was me. So now here I am racing along at frequent 1500 or better writing mornings, something generally unheard of.

I like this book. I like the characters, I like the tangles, and I even like the fact that it’s a paranormal, time travel, romance, coming of age novel about finding yourself.

So, the big news in my rambling is that the outline is complete, I’m on target for finishing by March 15th, and maybe even early. I have 7 scenes to go and am completing a scene a day pretty consistently.

And it even has a real title. The title is just as strange as the book, so who knows…it might stick: Once Upon a Coma.

And stats:
New Words: 1488 words
80 scenes
73 complete – 91% of the novel
7 Scenes remain
9457 Remaining word count
108084 Estimated length – with an average of 1351 words per scene.
98627 Current Total

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2 Responses to Coma Wedding

  1. underpope says:

    I have to say that, knowing nothing about the book itself, I think that Coma Wedding is a more engaging title. For me, at least. But it does sound like a fascinating story!

    • marfisk says:

      Yeah, well, it’s not remotely accurate :D. It’s the tagline that came to me with the idea, but no one gets married and the folks who get engaged…and break the engagement…are not meant to be there.

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