Changeless by Gail Carriger

Alexia Tarabotti, the barely tolerated eccentric, Italian-colored spinster without any prospects no longer exists in the second Alexia Tarabotti novel. Instead, she’s been replaced by Lady Maccon, just as eccentric, just as Italian in appearance, and suddenly a hot property in society. While her change in status offers convenience, it does little to mold Alexia into someone society can bill and coo over, a fact which makes Changeless as much of a delight as Gail’s debut Soulless.

Just because they’re now safely married does not mean that Alexia and Conall have settled into married bliss. Though they have a better way to resolve their differences, a fact Conall takes frequent advantage of, he still tries to keep her out of his affairs (not that kind) and she still comes up with excuses for being in the thick of it, something her responsibilities as the Queen’s supernatural balance offer plenty of.

Like Soulless, Gail manages to mix steampunk inventors, vampires and werewolves, and real history well blended with her alternate timeline to offer a wonderful read. Only this time, she dips into archeology and takes us beyond the limits of London. As well as a mystery to solve and life changing discoveries, Alexia also learns more about her current family and the father who left her behind.

There are two major surprises in the book, which were nicely seeded so I figured them out before the characters, but not in a way that I felt the characters were being dumb. I’m good at putting pieces together, and I have a little more experience in some things than Alexia despite the blunt nature of her father’s books, so figuring it out and waiting for confirmation in no way dampened my enjoyment.

Changeless is half plot, half attitude in the ride it offers readers. My only quibble is how it ends, and that quibble is simply because of the time between now and the release of Blameless, the third in the series. Avoiding spoilers as I prefer to do, I will only say that the storyline in Changeless resolves completely. It is a subplot responsible for my grief, especially since, though I figured out the surprise, I did not anticipate the consequences of that discovery for Alexia and Conall. And there is no question that I plan to pick of the next one as soon as it comes off the printing presses.

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  1. Jacob Fisk says:

    Ello all you lovely chaps out there. This is indeed a smashing good read, as well as the first of these such novels. A jolly good view upon high Victorian society in good ol’ England. With the inclusion of vampires and werewolves in the lovely history of the mother country, with the side note of the rest of the world, it makes for an enjoyable read, with the suprise at the end that leaves you whimpering for the next book.

    • MarFisk says:

      I see this series has had a bit of an effect on you, my son. Me thinks you need a bit of the Holmes, Sherlock Holmes that is, to continue your budding love of Mother England. Of course I hate to break it to you, but you’re Irish :P.

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