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The Fifth and Final NaNo 2020 Progress Report

The National Novel Writing Month (NaNo) has been a staple for me ever since I wrote the first draft of Shafter in 2004. I’ve finished as early as on day five and as late as within 10 minutes of the … Continue reading

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The Fourth NaNo 2020 Progress Report (A Breakthrough!)

This NaNo was a near thing, or rather, my participation was this year. I haven’t missed a single year since I started, but it’s been getting rough. I failed to complete my 50k for the first time two years ago, … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Maintaining Creativity While Meeting Market Expectations with Fiona Tarr

I have enjoyed The Priestess Chronicles from the start with Call of the Druids (my review). Book Three has just come out, and I’ll post my review tomorrow. Meanwhile, Australian author Fiona Tarr has graciously offered a glimpse into her … Continue reading

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Stray Thoughts About Cultural Appropriation from a Third-Culture Kid

I started this as an email to my dad, who said to me last week that everyone steals from the Irish. Why isn’t that cultural appropriation? But as I wrote, I realized others might find it interesting. This is a … Continue reading

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Stray Thoughts About Diversity

The Fantasy/Sci-Fi Readers Lounge on Facebook is celebrating diversity this week, and the discussion sparked ideas I’d like to share. I do not address diversity in my stories. Now, before you react to my statement, let me clarify. Diversity is … Continue reading

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