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My Perspective on How to Think Sideways (and Why You Should Check It Out)

I’ve talked about Holly Lisle’s courses a time or two because her teaching method is detailed, effective, and offers solid tools that even experienced writers as I was when I first took How to Think Sideways can benefit from. How … Continue reading

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Shading Black and White

I was going over some of my writing workshops recently, and ran across this excerpt in my non-verbal communications course. This is in response to students who were having trouble with the unconscious aspects of non-verbal interactions, but it also … Continue reading

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How to Revise Your Novel Contest

As many of you might know, I’ve been doing programming and system support for Holly Lisle ‘lo these many years. What you might not know is how I got into it. I recognized early on that Holly had the incredible … Continue reading

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NaNo 2012: The Final Word

I ended up completing my NaNo one day early with 50,202 words after a rough journey. The book is complete, but I don’t like the ending point as it’s a downer, so I plan to add another scene (or rather … Continue reading

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Some Things Can’t Be Fixed

Or…When Yogurt Leaves a Bad Taste in Your Mouth Sometimes life mimics writing, and I think this time it was spot on. My youngest and I like Greek yogurt (much better than normal yogurt) and the little flavored packets are … Continue reading

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