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My Perspective on How to Think Sideways (and Why You Should Check It Out)

I’ve talked about Holly Lisle’s courses a time or two because her teaching method is detailed, effective, and offers solid tools that even experienced writers as I was when I first took How to Think Sideways can benefit from. How … Continue reading

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How to Revise Your Novel Contest

As many of you might know, I’ve been doing programming and system support for Holly Lisle ‘lo these many years. What you might not know is how I got into it. I recognized early on that Holly had the incredible … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Smile #13 – How to Think Sideways is Back!

This is an odd one for my Tuesday post, but at the same time it isn’t odd at all. Holly Lisle, who I “met” first as a reader when I enjoyed her fantasy titles, is also an accomplished teacher with … Continue reading

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A Mini Holly Lisle Workshop

I have been working practically round the clock to help my friend, programming client, and writing teacher Holly Lisle prepare for the big launch of her How to Think Sideways Ultra class tomorrow so didn’t get a chance to prepare … Continue reading

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2012 Muse Online Writers Conference

It’s almost time again for the annual Muse Online Writers Conference to begin. This is a totally free writer’s conference on October 8th – 14th, with workshops, discussions, pitch opportunities, and the chance to meet publishers and authors. You don’t … Continue reading

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