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The Fourth NaNo 2018 Progress Report (Pulling Victory from the Ashes with Short Excerpts)

Last week, I clung to the delusion of possibility like a raft in a vast ocean. This week, with four days remaining, I have conceded the battle. Even with the almost 7,500 words of my journal, I’m nowhere near the … Continue reading

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The Second NaNo 2018 Progress Report (With Signs of Hope, Thoughts on Process, and Short Excerpts)

The rewrite idea is working both for and against me, but if the good days overcome the bad ones, I might still squeak out a win. I’m still way in the negative, but I have more words than I am … Continue reading

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The First NaNo 2018 Progress Report (Hint: It’s a Chaotic Mess)

I knew this year’s NaNo would be a rough one. Since 2004, I have participated and won every year. 2018 might be the first time that changes because of things out of my control. It isn’t stopping me from trying, … Continue reading

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To Walk on Alien Sands Now Available in the Amazon Exclusive Anthology: Vizions of the Future.

The author-driven marketing company, BooksGoSocial, whose group I’m part of on Facebook, decided to explore the wild world of Kickstarter through an anthology series promoting voices and stories that might otherwise have been overlooked. When they put the call out, … Continue reading

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WorldCon76 (2018) Con Report

WorldCon 76 was amazing, overwhelming, and huge. I made new friends, caught up with old ones, and talked about all sorts of fascinating things. To give a feel for the sheer size, I went through the dealer’s room three, maybe … Continue reading

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