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5 Interesting Links for 06-10-2016

Bread (Food) A case for bread baking as freedom from corporations that includes how to make your own starter and bread. My husband tried bread because he was curious and is now a master breadmaker. (Via ediblealchemyfoods on Facebook) … Continue reading

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5 Interesting Links for 02-12-2016

Eating (Life) This is an extensive series of graphics to help guide healthy eating from making a good smoothie to meat alternative protein sources for vegetarians to storage advice for different vegetables and how to make quick meals. Some really … Continue reading

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5 Interesting Links for 07-26-2013

Gender Perception (Life) A fascinating interview with a top model of men’s clothing…who is a woman and sees no issue. Likes and Dislikes (Nutrition) A look at the psychology behind liking and disliking certain foods, along with tips for … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Smile

I know I talk about my family a lot, but it’s important to remember the little touches of love in your life, things you might not even recognize as they flash by. It’s critical to take a moment to recognize … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Smile

Amy’s Gluten-free Pizza. Thanks to all the folks who popularized a gluten-free diet, I have access to gluten-free alternatives to pretty much everything I enjoyed before discovering I was gluten intolerant. And this is one of my favorites for its … Continue reading

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