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A Pause

Real life has taken its toll in this moment and I will not be able to keep up my posting schedule. I will be back (and may post haphazardly before then), so don’t take this lull as a deafening silence … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Smile No. 250: Traditional Foods

This short video offers a glimpse of the food enjoyed by indigenous Zapotecs in pre-colonial Mexico thanks to the efforts of world-famous chef Abigail Mendoza. She keeps Zapotec traditions and philosophies alive in her restaurant, which her sisters also staff. … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Smile No. 249: Singing the Blues

A friend shared this blues video on Facebook, and it brings back the smoky bar resonating with music that’s classic noir.

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Things That Make Me Smile No. 248: Mexican Street Art Traditions

While this video belongs in my interesting links as much as smiles, I found the murals displayed beautiful, especially the indigenous art-inspired ones. The history of street art in Mexico, and its influence on U.S. artists, is fascinating. I believe … Continue reading

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5 Interesting Links for 03-26-2021

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared. Bias (Anthropology) Anthropology is peppered with assumptions made when the anthropologist imposes their own cultural rule set on the evidence. In the last twenty years or so, gender differences have … Continue reading

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